Rushes. "Suspiria" and "A Star Is Born" Remakes, Free Kino-Pravda, Kate Bush

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  • Brian De Palma's forthcoming film Domino has yet to premiere (and might not at all); and meanwhile he is preparing a new film, “a horror film, with a sexual aggressor,” apparently inspired by Harvey Weinstein. David Hudson has gathered the De Palma news at The Daily.
  • Essential: The Austrian Film Museum has shared their restoration for Soviet filmmaking Dziga Vertov's 23-episode cinematic newsreel series known as Kino-Pravda. All available for your viewing pleasure at the museum's Collection Dziga Vertov.
  • To start with, this week has brought a slew of promising new trailers for films from Luca Guadagnino (remaking Suspiria!), Zhang Yimou (Shadow), Steve McQueen (Widows), David Lowery (The Old Man & the Gun), plus the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper (remaking A Star Is Born!):
  • Notebook contributors Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López are back with another sublime video essay for Filmkrant, tracing the appearance and function of bells in cinema, through varying masterpieces:
  • Adam Scovell contemplates the forgotten landscape paintings of British cinema's iconoclast, Derek Jarman.
  • For Oscilloscope's blog, Willow Maclay has written a thorough consideration of musician/renaissance woman Kate Bush's cinematic creations, from music videos to a little seen short film inspired by Michael Powel.
  • We're still grieving the loss of the singular talent of San Francisco artist Paul Clipson earlier this year, and are thus enlightened by this extensive interview with Clipson (circa 2014) unveiled by Incite.
  • At Little White Lies, Matt Turner provides a study of the genesis of 3D cinema, from the 1950s until more recent experimental applications of the effect.
  • A spectacular Ghanaian poster for Twin Peaks (Fire Walk With Me, perhaps?), which in line with the show, manages to inspire many questions...


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