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Sasha Grey: "MUBI is where it's at."

The feeling's mutual.
Sasha Grey

We've been fascinated with The Girlfriend Experience since Steven Soderbergh made it in 2009. Not only have we run Glenn Kenny's two-part set diary and reviewed the film twice (Daniel Kasman, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky) but we've also been quite taken with its assets: "Movie Poster of the Week." "Trailer of the Day."

Turns out, what goes around comes around. On Tuesday, the star of The Girlfriend Experience (and MUBI member) Sasha Grey updated her Facebook status with the straight-to-the-point declaration: "MUBI is where it's at."

To which we can only add: "Like."

Sasha Grey is awesome. In so many different ways. And Blue K., if you think she’s the only actress in Hollywood who has ever charged for an ass to mouth, then you don’t know much about Hollywood, and I don’t think that makes you qualified to be the custodian of anything, much less Cinema itself.
I have lived a very sheltered existence, this awesome person had not registered on my radar. What does her awesomeness consist of? I really like the Hollywood school image- can the film match it?
Kenji, maybe you should view some of her essential works.
Well it is not as if she’s the first to do such a thing. Remember Marilyn Chambers in “Rabid”?
Validation is always so much more rewarding when it is bestowed by an ex-pornstar. Congrats, MUBI.

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