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Stella Artois and The Auteurs Present 7 French Classics

From December 15 through 22, The Auteurs and Stella Artois will be presenting to viewers over 18 in the UK a daily series of French films for free. Titles include Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin, Féminin and Vivre sa vie, François Truffaut's The 400 Blows and Jules et Jim, Jacques Demy's Lola, Chris Marker's La Jetée and Alain Resnais's Hiroshima mon amour.

The occasion is France 7 Ways | 7 Days | 7 Films: French New Wave Film Festival, celebrating the closing week of Stella Artois' Recyclage de Luxe campaign. Enjoy!

Aside from being insanely jealous, I would like to add that it is unfortunate that there is no Varda, Rivette, Rohmer or Rozier (to push it a little). But nevertheless, I hope this inspires more to begin exploring the exciting cinema of the French New Wave.
Why only UK? And the rest of Europe, isn’t it available?
I’m can’t wait for Bud Light and The Auteurs Present 10 Atrocious American Blockbusters
Regardless of the choices here (I agree that they’re all exquisite picks for a Nouvelle Vague neophyte), I must say that I’m increasingly happy with Stella Artois’ worldwide branding with stuff like this. They seem to be invoking ye-ye in every advert I see lately. Hooray!
Great job, T!
I agree, how wonderful for the UK to have access to these wonderful films…I am so jealous. :-)
‘Lola’ is now available to watch online. Jacques Demy’s ‘Lola’ (1961) is a prequel to his musical masterpiece The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The reappearance of a beautiful woman from a young man’s past brings a swirl of nostalgia, regret, romantic hope and melancholy, a rich emotional palette that became a trademark for Demy. Exciting! I’ve got my mug of cocoa and I’m about to start watching!
Lola was great! Thanks guys :D
Stella Artois is getting worldwide attention for something that is only available in the U.K. Okay, I understand distribution rights, but it’s very annoying to be teased daily on Facebook and Twitter by the free offer. You Brits better be watching every one of these films!!!!!

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