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The Auteurs' Cannes Round-Up

Though 2009 may go down as an unusually average Cannes Film Festival, its size and prestige guaranteed a wealth of films and big name filmmakers that we were all very excited to see.  Below you’ll find an index of all our coverage this year.  Enjoy!

Tarantino’s 'Biggest Hit' Ever

Cannes 2009: Favorite Moments, Final Days

Cannes 2009: Awards

Cannes 2009: Through the Looking Glass (“Visage,” Tsai)

Cannes 2009: Playtime ("Father of My Children," Hansen- Løve)

Cannes 2009: Favorite Moments, Days 6 & 7

Cannes 2009: Day 8

Cannes 2009: So far, away (details, handheld, Antichrist, and meeting Resnais)

Cannes 2009: A Time and Space Odyssey ("Enter the Void," Noé)

Cannes 2009: Portrait of a Small Town on the Eve of World War I in Germany ("White Ribbon," Haneke)

Cannes 2009: Geographic Anomalies ("Land of Madness," Moullet)

Cannes 2009: Nouvelle Spitfire ("Wild Grass," Resnais)

Cannes 2009: The Saga of a Guerilla in the Philippines ("Independencia," Martin)

Cannes 2009: Pedro Costa, Our Favorite Melancholy Romantic

Cannes 2009: Favorite Moments, Days 4 & 5

Cannes 2009: Pilgrim’s Progress (“A Prophet,” Audiard)

Cannes 2009: Day 6

Cannes 2009: Agent Provocateur ("Antichrist," von Trier)

Cannes 2009: High Midnight ("Vengeance," To)

Cannes 2009: An American Multiplex in Seoul ("Mother," Bong)

Cannes 2009: Night, I Love Thee and Thy Darkness ("Kinatay," Mendoza)

Cannes 2009: A Host of Fools ("Mother," Bong)

Cannes 2009: The Quiet Smart Aleck ("Like You Know It All," Hong)

Cannes 2009: Favorite Moments, Days 3 & 4 (with a dash of 1)

Cannes 2009: Leave Her to Hell ("Abrazos Rotos," Almodóvar)

Cannes 2009: Costa Brief ("Ne change rien," Costa)

Cannes 2009: Questionable Observation ("Politist, Adjectiv," Porumboiu)

Cannes 2009: There outta be a moonlight saving time ("Ne change rien," Costa)

Cannes 2009: Mining for Morals ("The Molly Maguires," Ritt)

Cannes 2009: Sucking Zola ("Thirst," Park)

Cannes 2009: Bodybags are Beautiful (“Air Doll,” Kore-Eda)

Cannes 2009: Day 2

Cannes 2009: Favorite Moments, Days 1 & 2

Cannes 2009: "Tetro" (Coppola)

Cannes 2009: "Embodiment of Evil" (Marins)

Cannes 2009: "Spring Fever" (Lou)

Cannes 2009: Day 1

Cannes 2009: "Up" (Doctor & Peterson)

Cannes 2009 Sneak Peak: Image of the day (and week and month)

Cannes 2009 Line-up

“Unusually average”?
It would have to be, wouldn’t it?
Semantically, you are totally correct. Still, I feel a lot of journalists come out of Cannes is proclaiming the death of cinema or the amazing zenith of its Art. This one was just “meh”.
Fair enough! I am just giving you a hard time. Excellent coverage, by the way. You guys covered an awful lot of ground this year.
My two pennies worth:

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