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The Noteworthy: 13 May 2015

Miguel Gomes’s new trailer, complete Dorsky/Hiler, a “The Shining” video game, Johnnie To’s musical, Ozu’s watch, & more.
  • Above: the trailer for Miguel Gomes's new films, Arabian Nights, premiering soon in Cannes.
  • "Actors appeared on the screen as if molded out of a liquid silver set aflame": Femina Ridens has a lovely report from the first ever Nitrate Picture Show.
  • Above: the trailer, with English subtitles, for Johnnie To's new musical, titled Office.
  • IndieWire was at Hot Docs and listened in on documentary master Frederick Wiseman and his executive producer offering advice to filmmakers.
  • Great news for U.S. audiences: Distrib Films has acquired the rights to Philippe Garrel's In the Shadow of Women before its premiere in Cannes.
  • Vdrome is showing Ben Russell's 2014 short film Atlantis now through May 19.

    • Via the essential Tumblr Ozu Teapot, director Yasujiro Ozu's stopwatch:This is the stopwatch which Ozu had specially built. He used it all through the years. With this watch, he recorded the times for every scene, including inserts. The red line shows how much film stock has been shot in the standard 35 millimeter format. The middle line give the seconds. And the third one here indicates the footage for the 60-millimeter format. This stopwatch was important for Ozu in order to precisely measure time in seconds and in frames.

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