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The Noteworthy: Doclisboa + Vienna’s Lineups, 30 Westerns, “Sorceress”

A poster for the new Wes Anderson, Tony Rayns on Chinese independent film, Serge Daney talks to Home From the Hill, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • Two festivals that will be underway in just over a week have unveiled their programs: Doclisboa and the Viennale, both of which are highlighted by retrospectives: Alain Cavalier in Lisbon and Jerry Lewis in Vienna.
  • LOLA 4 is now available in its entirety and Girish Shambu has a guide to the issue for your convenience.


  • Above: the poster for Wes Anderson's forthcoming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • Head over to Gina Telaroli's brilliant Tumblr to see her image piece that combines a newscast about a drone crash in New York with Godard and Claire Denis.
  • An absolute must read via The Festivalists: "A brief history of Chinese independent film with Tony Rayns".

 "Absent-minded, half-asleep, bored by Jean Guitton’s screams on the Bernard Pivot show, I was watching vaguely familiar images late night last Friday. A hunting scene in Texas in Panavision, with Mitchum on the lookout and the camera floating above the thicket. A film? Yes, since there were subtitles and that, reading them, I had a hallucination.

'You don’t recognise me?' said the film (and I could feel it was sad to have failed to immediately impress).

'Of course I do', I lied.

'I’m Home from the Hill' said the film, which had felt that I lied. 'I know, the French title: The One who Brought the Scandal, is ridiculous, so cinephiles call me by my English name.'"

From the archives.

  • Above: Sorceress (1987), the only theatrical feature film directed solo by Suzanne Schiffman, François Truffaut and Jacques Rivette's co-writer and assistant director.
The poster for “Grand Budapest Hotel” is very pretty. From experience, I admire Wes Anderson’s extraordinary artistic vision but I hate the restricted (i.e. deadpan) acting. The performances he elicits are so “inside.” Even an expansive actor like Gene Hackman has a private joke going on when he works for Anderson. I feel excluded.
Thanks for Sorceress! Fantastic.

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