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The Noteworthy: Kick the Machine Redux, "The Railrodder", Soviet-Era Cinemas

Apichatpong’s new site, The Seventh Art Issue #15, trailers for Scorsese & Gray, Buster Keaton in Canada, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul has jazzed up the website for Kick the Machine, his production company. The home page includes the following text from the filmmaker himself:

"I was just talking to a friend that if there was no cinema what I would do or what I could do. I could probably try to enter a veterinarian school or open a small guest house or grow green peppers or learn Braille and compose a novel full of raised dots.

But until then.

Until we can train our mind to see other lives, past and present, with our eyes closed. Until we have a new heart devoid of ancient defects such as empathy. Until there’s a non-stop rain that causes more melancholia than the one in Tsai Ming Liang’s apartment. Until the movie screens sprout in the forest and the trees fill them with stories."


  • Above: the first trailer for James Gray's The Immigrant, which is set for release in France in November. Us North Americans will have to hang tight for a few more months...
  • Above: images from "A Photographic Tour of Russia's Disappearing Soviet-Era Cinemas".

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