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The Noteworthy: La Furia Umana, The Best of Sarris, and Fassbinder in America

This week: two major film magazines unveil their new issues, Adam Nayman reveals why Jaws is the “greatest movie ever made”, and more…

Edited by Adam Cook



  • At Serge Daney in English, this essential site of essential—and rare—translations of one of film's greatest critics and writers has a piece by Daney written in the 1980s on catching ...And God Created Woman and Brigitte Bardot on television:

    "The charm was intact. Not the obsolete charm of the past, but the innocent charm of the present. By watching again movies on television, one verifies more and more to which extent there was already a lot of pre-television (management, digestion, edification) in old movies and in numerous “classics” (La beauté du diable being a recent example)." 


  • At Press Play, our own Ignatiy Vishnevetsky describes his unique approach to his entry in this year's Sight & Sound Poll, and discusses three of his selections, all of which happen to be from the year 1981. 
  • At Il Cinema Ritrovato, Olaf Möller, Christoph Huber and Gabe Klinger discuss the state of cinema. A must watch:

From the archives.

  • An amalgam of two elements already mentioned in this week's Noteworthy, J. Hoberman's "Don't go near the water - the influence of the film Jaws on US culture - American Myths".
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