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The Noteworthy: LOLA Walks, World Cinema Project + Criterion, Future Reloaded

This week: new LOLA and The Seventh Art, a curated collection of mini-shorts from “Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded”, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • One of our favorite journals has begun to unveil its fourth edition ("Walks"): LOLA. Online now are a handful of pieces comprising a dossier on Brian De Palma. More articles are on the way!
  • We don't usually draw attention to the Criterion Collection's release schedule because it is so consistently awesome, but perhaps this set, amidst a jam-packed December slate, is particularly notable:


  • You may have noticed the incredible crop of short films in "Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded", a project commissioned by the Biennale in celebration of its 70th year wherein "70 movie directors from all over the world have been invited to make a short film lasting between 60 and 90 seconds, in total creative freedom." For our "Finds" section this week, we have curated our favorites:

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