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The Noteworthy: Lynch's Big Dream, Von Trier's Digressionism, Herzog's "Fitzcardboardaldo"

David Lynch is releasing a new album, Lars von Trier is a "digressionist", Cardboard Herzog, Joaquin Phoenix in _Inherent Vice_ & more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • Did you see David Lynch's teaser on Vine? The real announcement is here: he'll be dropping a new album, The Big Dream, on July 16th. Watch the album trailer above and listen to the new track, "I'm Waiting Here", below:

  • Lars von Trier will be taking a new approach to promoting his new (two part!) film, Nymphomaniac:

"Using a structure known from literature Nymphomaniac consists of chapters, encapsulating both VOLUME I and VOLUME II and during the next eight months, starting from June and like domino pieces counting down to the release, small bites of these chapters will be published exclusively by a community of selected newspapers around the world.

Each chapter teaser is defined by a headline, a still and a short narrative that playfully unveils the multilayered universe of Nymphomaniac with which Lars von Trier wants to introduce a new film genre: Digressionism."

  • We've said it once, but it's well worth saying again: David Phelps and Gina Telaroli have released via LUMIÈRE their "Allan Dwan: A Dossier", a self-published e-book of criticism devoted to the American director. It "contains work in 5 languages, by 39 writers, and features 41 new pieces, along with 5 that we're republishing thanks to some very generous authors." Read Gina's introduction for more context and information. Pictured above, Jane Russell in Montana Belle (1948/1952).

  • The New York Asian Film Festival has announced its 2013 lineup, and crammed in there among an exploding blood bag worth of genre titles and an intriguing retrospective on Tsai Yang-Ming are Miike's Lesson of the EvilJohnnie To's Drug War (one of our favorites from this year), and a new film by Sono Sion: the kind of auteur cinema we're excited to see the NYAFF still has the power to premiere in the city.


  • Above: a loving (cardboard) tribute to Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo by Robin Forhardt.
  • Writing for Artforum, Dennis Lim has a report on the Cannes Film Festival:

"Cannes makes no secret or apology of its attempts to build and sustain a pantheon. But the prevalence of brand names and inner-circle auteurs means less room for discovery, and the overall impression, especially acute this year, is of an aversion to risk."

From the archives.

  • Above: David Lynch's music video for Chris Issak's "Wicked Game"
Fuckin Von Trier
Love how Rosenbaum described Trier as a “con-artist who knows how to work the press”.
The music is all well and good, but please David make a new movie…
David Lynch has trouble getting movies made because the men running the studios and production companies don’t dream, which is a common side-effect of being a sociopath.

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