The Noteworthy: Senses of Cinema #73, Cinema Scope #61, "Remembering Wavelengths"

New issues of Senses of Cinema and Cinema Scope, more Best of 2014 lists, Kent Jones on "Inherent Vice", and more.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • Senses of Cinema's last issue of 2014 is now online—though we can still anticipate their epic annual Best of the Year poll (our personal favorite among the great many out there). Among the impressive wealth of content is a piece on the late, great Harun Farocki, and an amazing assortment of festival reports.
  • Another major new issue is #61 of Cinema Scope, and you can read several of the articles online (including our own Daniel Kasman on Episode of the Sea)—but you're best off to pick up the print copy if you want to enjoy everything the magazine has to offer (such as my piece on Dumb and Dumber To)!
  • Scott Foundas is one of several writers for Variety to provide an end of year list, and it's one that stands out (first off: no Boyhood) and features some thoughtful annotations.

  • Above: a 2nd trailer for Michael Mann's Blackhat, to be released next month.
  • Richard Brody writes "against nostalgia for the midrange drama & the so-called studio era, which gets in the way of seeing greatness today".

"With Inherent Vice, Anderson brings us tangibly close to the colors and moods and dream horizons of America in the days of Hawks and Doves. We breathe its air and move with its remembered gesticulations at its peculiar pace. And as we settle in with Joaquin Phoenix’s restlessly brooding Doc Sportello, we become attuned to his stoned intuition that all appearances are illusory, fragile, temporary, hence that there’s a hidden reality to be penetrated."

  • In Vulture, Bilge Ebiri writes on the perils of an all digital movie future.
  • Lastly, it may not be very Christmas-y, but your day will surely benefit from watching this trailer:


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