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The Noteworthy: TIFF Capsule Marathon, Return to "Shutter Island", Talking "Horse Money"

Cinema Scope’s massive TIFF coverage, conversations with Pedro Costa & Alex Ross Perry, new GAP ads by David Fincher, and more.
  • Just try and keep up: the good folks at Cinema Scope are doing their epic annual TIFF capsule review marathon. Dive in. 
  • Martin Scorsese will be returning to Shutter Island to make a prequel for a new television series.
  • For Film Comment, our very own Neil Bahadur has a conversation with Pedro Costa about his award-winning Horse Money:

"BAHADUR: I remember you mentioned yesterday [at the press conference] how you’re only just starting to like the movie now. Is it usually that way with your films? Or is it specific to this one?

COSTA: I think I like this more now. I only like some of the others, or small moments in the other films. This one came out so tense—I see a kind of tension that was very difficult to get. That’s because of Ventura too. Some people can do it like that [snaps fingers] like Straub. Well, not like that [snaps fingers again] because they work a lot. But even with the amount of work that we put in the films, and we work really very hard, it’s always difficult to get the... tight tissue—like a nervous body. It’s Ventura’s body, nerves, hands, eyes. It came out exactly how I thought he could be in the film. But that’s him. I do say, 'Stand here, look there,' but the words, almost every movement, the timing, everything is him."

  • In another Film Comment interview, Tina Poglajen talks to Alex Ross Perry about Listen Up Philip.

  • Above: a foursome of new ads for the Gap directed by David Fincher.
  • Via Criterion, Wes Anderson and Kent Jones discuss the cinema of Pedro Almodovar.

 "Director Jacques Tourneur and cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca previously collaborated on Cat People, and continue their use of low-key lighting to produce dream-like suggestions of violence. All of the deaths in Out of the Past are hidden off-screen, the specifics elided. They simply accrue in the fog of Jeff’s rueful investigation, a case that turns into a series of delaying tactics to stay alive. But he can only pause to smoke so many times before the darkness finally deigns to meet him." 

  • Above: the trailer for Hong Sang-soo's Hill of Freedom.
  • A "Letter to Harun Farocki" by Kevin B. Lee for Sight & Sound.

  • The latest issue of The Seventh Art is now online, featuring video interviews with Albert Serra (preview above), Lukas Moodysson, John Fawcett & Graeme Manson, and Elina Psykou. 
  • R.I.P. Gottfried John (1942-2014):

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