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The Noteworthy: Visual-ish Storytelling, Party with Cléo, "How to Do Action Comedy"

More top 10s and year-end awards, a piece by David Bordwell on visual storytelling, Pedro Costa in conversation, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • The titles have started to roll in for 2015's editions of Sundance and Rotterdam—we've got all the developments covered here and here.

  • Above: a new trailer for Inherent Vice. If that's not enough, here are 6 clips from the film for your enjoyment.
  • For his blog, David Bordwell argues that "visual storytelling is seldom purely visual":

"...film needs both sound and more impalpable factors—context, familiar situations, genre conventions—to work. And those factors in turn depend on our knowledge of conceptual structures (schemas) that the film prompts us to lock in. As usual, narrative movies provide the audience an instruction kit, coaxing us to apply our knowledge to a fresh instance. In other words, the eye is part of the brain."

  • Above: there's another new issue on the block as well, from our pals cléo. This one's theme is "party!"

"Screening rats and bootleg-swappers always have a holy grail. It sits at the top of a list of titles, on a folded sheet of notebook paper or in a Word document, bolded, underlined, or marked with a little squiggly star. The list can start as a practical, to-do-type aid, but, after a few years, it becomes a formality, because the kind of person who maintains a list for that long already has the titles memorized. The list is a totem, and the satisfaction of crossing out an item or making a new list rubs some spot and soothes. These lists never get smaller; they only grow more obscure until they are filled with titles the list-maker has only a slim chance of ever seeing."

  • Above: a new video essay from Tony Zhou on Jackie Chan and the action comedy.
  • Top Tens keep pouring in and our friend Jordan Cronk snapped some pictures of the selections contained in the latest issue of Artforum from J. Hoberman, Amy Taubin, and James Quandt.

  • Above: Pedro Costa in conversation with critic and programmer Dennis Lim for over an hour. 
  • For Vulture, Bilge Ebiri selects the "30 Most Important Sex Scenes in Movie History".


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