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The Tubular Muse: The Close-Up

Anna Faris in "Smiley Face" (2007) & Maria Falconetti in "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928)

"I will never find the way to say how much I love American close-ups.  Point blank.  A head suddenly appears on screen and drama, now face to face, seems to address me personally and swells with an extraordinary intensity.  I am hypnotized.  Now the tragedy is anatomical...Waiting for the moment when 1,000 meters of intrigue converge in a muscular denouement satisfies me more than the rest of the film."  — Jean Epstein (1921)


The Tubular Muse uses YouTube as an ephemeral resource to discover and talk about cinema.  Clips are posted, are removed, and we grab on for a second to gave some their due.

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