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Tumbleweed Tales #2

A shot in the dark: Anne Baxter, a revolver, the night, in William Wellman's _Yellow Sky_ (1948).
Yellow SkyYellow Sky

Anne Baxter shoots Gregory Peck in the head in William Wellman's Yellow Sky (1948); cinematography by Joseph MacDonald.

Oh my! I had to do some improvements on those images.
someone ban Billy Congo
They don’t need no improvement, that’s how they were shot — dark!
I have noticed that this place is more like a cult than a place to have interesting discussions. All comments must be positive. And nobody has a dissenting word. Kind of disappointing. You confuse alternate points of view with trolling. If we just take this issue as an example, you’ve clearly missed the point. There is a certain absurdity in ‘improving photos’. That would be indicated by the ‘Oh my!’. It’s also absurd to say that that’s the way they were shot. All photographs are manipulations and interpretations. You can change the contrast and brightness on your TV to get the desired picture you want. It’s very strange to be one of the only voices of dissent. You can ban me. I swear I won’t take it personally. Just send me an email with “I break with thee” as the subject.
No harm meant Billy, I’d be glad to discuss this film with you! Just meant that that’s how dark the images came.
No harm, no foul.

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