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David Lynch is connected to the moon, so he can make whatever he wants and I’ll watch it.
Whoa. That was freaky.
I like that reasoning very much, Cameron!
I am digging the camera work I’ve seen so far. Pretty intense, but from what I saw, it balances out and works for me, especially when I’m trying to imagine what’s going on in his head.
David Lynch does it again!
i’m sorry. this just seems silly to me. perhaps that’s an inappropriate response.
I love Lynch; his films veer sharply from the profound to the ludicrous, sometimes from moment to moment; but this’s squarely of the latter species. Caleb’s right about this one.
This feels more like the work of a Lynch-inspired art school student than the master himself. If we didn’t know Lynch had made this no-one would give it a second glance.
cool ……… nothing wrong with a bit of menace and a hint of ultra-violence.
So… Is the 3 14 numbers asscoiated with a the date of a prophesied event….? 3/14/?? That’s what I thought at first,because of the general feeling that this has to do with the occult in some way…… How could Pete have 14 rocks? And what is up with the position of the blackboard?
It’s Pi
“Rubber ducky You’re the one”
Ambitious nonsense.
If any other person would have directed this we would be criticizing them. But now that Lynch has his name in the credit of this picture, we instinctively applaud it? There’s something deeply wrong in that.
I’m not a Lynchian and am totally caught between the “this is ludicrous director worship” and “this is ludicrous brilliance at work” camps. What’s up with Lynch worship anyways? Only thing I’ve willed myself to watch is “Mulholland Drive” in part because it gave me the heebie-jeebies. Don’t get me wrong; as an art student I can see how his art school roots have seriously infected his aesthetic and storytelling, but beyond a certain point I want my one trick pony to do more (most writers/artists/actors, etc are to a certain extent one trick ponies. alternatively, ponies whose other tricks occur after the curtain has closed).
Pi is a transcendental number, and Lynch is an acolyte of Transcendental Meditation. and rocks (and the earth) are round.
Is Lynch just taking the piss? Is he just laughing at everyone who keeps putting him on a pedestal? Or has he simply filmed a dream he had?
On a scale of 1 to 10 it breaks the scale.
Bravo Mr. Lynch. You’re films are so surreal and nightmarish. When I saw the film, ‘Eraserhead’ for the first time, my best friend was a film student. It freaked me out. I had never seen anything like that in cinema.
Hilarious. But not remotely as freaky as “The Alphabet” or “The Grandmother.” Goofy self-parody methinks.
David Lynch, what a guy! Very strange. I wish I could see into his mind.
when are people going to stop masturbating over anything David Lynch does? I swear he just makes shit nowadays to top up his ego-meter, knowing full well that everyone will be queueing up to suck his dick yawn
Erin Saunders- I haven’t watched this yet so the response doesn’t relate to the video but regardless of wether you love or hate Lynch, he is by no means a one trick pony. See: Eraserhead Blue Velvet (similar to Mulholland Dr.) Wild at Heart The Elephant Man The Straight Story these are not reiterations of a single trick- you can see his voice but that doesn’t mean he’s repeating himself
Isn’t this a short film about 1 minute in length? And a kind of trailer for a festival? How come everyone seems to become madly opinionated?
I have willingly given David Lynch permission to assault my eyeballs. He has used his discretion only on certain occasions. I like that.
Oh how I yearn for the day when Lynch makes another full length feature. This short only reminds us of how maddening a film could be and in many ways make us forget how plain most films are in today’s day and age. God Bless Lynch!

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