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Video of the Day: Pedro Almodóvar Talks Penélope Cruz and "Broken Embraces"

Broken Embraces opens in U.K. theatres August 28.

How enticing. Thanks for posting that.
Wow - can’t wait to see the actual movie!
Awesome, this man can do no wrong
wooowwww…. after “todo sobre mi madre”…ı cant wait to see the film!!!
when Iamgoing to see this film ?
i love his films and i know this one will be another keeper!!!! Cant wait to see it.
I saw it.. and its definitely worth it! Incredible!
Pedro Almodóvar Talks Penélope Cruz and “Broken Embraces”. Awesome film to be shown on TIFF
i am waiting for the movie.
thanks for posting this. Almodóvar & Penelope work brilliantly together. Such a delight to watch…

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