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Look’s like he’s still got it!
Video, 16:9, clearly edited digitally…this is strange for Godard. It’s hard to say from the trailer but he seems to be taking some inspiration from some of the new digital video artists, with the distortion of the video and such. I’m sure it will be interesting.
If someone were to translate this into english and post it, they would be my favorite stranger.
this looks to make about 1/2 as much sense as ‘La Terza Madre’, and be about 1/4 as much fun. Color me dispirited.
not my translation, but what somebody posted here: the woman : “this poor Europe. they didn’t purify but corrupted by suffering. They didn’t make exhaltation but humiliated by re-conquered freedom” THINGS (des choses) the boy with the green tshirt : “silence is gold” GOLD (de l’or) the woman : “existing through all these new shapes, the geometry” BASTARDS (des salauds) STORIES (des histoires) EGYPT the man : “Islam is East’s West” PALESTINE the girl : “Without having see Europe happy again. Without having see the word Russia again. And the word Happyness” ODESSA HELL AS → it’s a language game like Godard loves : when you say HELL AS, it sounds like hélàs wich means something like “unfortunately” in French NAPOLI the man : "Or living, or tell. We haven’t the choice. the girl : “I tell. 1789, night of August, 4.”. BARCELONA LYRICS (des paroles) ANIMALS (des animaux) the boy : " I would attack the sun too, if one day he’d attack me" CHILDREN (des enfants) the voice “Ten minutes, I’ll fix it.” LEGENDS (des légendes)
So… when’s it coming? I, personally, am pumped for it!
This trailer moove there: and there :
Would anyone happen to know the background music?

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