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Video of the day. Tony Scott’s “Beat the Devil”

Gary Oldman, Clive Owen, James Brown and the Las Vegas desert meet Tony Scott and a BMW. And so we remember the great director.

We have lost one of our favorite directors.

Every time I experience this I enjoy the shit out of it.
Funny. I searched this short film out as soon as I read the first article about his death. Had no idea it existed, and the premise plus the actors sounded too good to pass up.
They were all part of a BMW series called the Hire, directed by these folks: John Frankenheimer Ang Lee Wong Kar-wai Guy Ritchie Alejandro González Iñárritu John Woo Joe Carnahan Tony Scott
This is actually one of my favorite Tony Scott movies, right behind Domino (which I think is his best). I’ve seen it countless times, and I never find that it gets old.
^ I agree with Zachary. I’ve watched this so many times. It’s great.

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