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Video of the Day. Trailer for Lars von Trier's "Melancholia"

Trailer for Lars von Trier's "Melancholia"


Cannes 2011, the festival of planetary intervention into auteurist dramas of family.
you know the title in Spanish??
I’m more interested in seeing his new movie Motherlove.
Looks like he really settled on the aesthetic developed in Antichrist. Interesting stuff.
YES! Sign me up. Gosh, I wish I could see this @ the Cannes Premiere.
Reminds me of the Tree of Life trailer, with two sisters instead of two brothers. What is it about 2012 that is making all these directors so apocalyptic?
I must admit to being intrigued.
Well, von Trier is continuing his themes of personal anxiety and the expression of his “Feminine side” through these women characters. He said in an interview that growing up during the Cold War era, where the threat of nuclear holocaust could be right around the corner, fueled what anxiousness he already had about the world coming to an end. Indeed there has been a 2012 theory about a planet colliding with Earth yet I’m not sure if this influenced von Trier in the making of Melancholia.
Looks a lot like Antichrist.
seems like know one mentioned any thing regarding Kirsten Dunst playing in here… interesting
UGGGHHHHHH!! Thank god for Cannes and Trier of course, really, I would kill myself if all we had was Sundance.
@Joshua Koerner: I think it’s more the talk of a coming financial collapse globally than Nibiru.
I want to look it NOOOOOW!
This looks amazing. It has the same intense feel as the Celebration, which was directed by his friend, Thomas Vinterberg.
looks like he is doing another stylistic trilogy. looks sexier than antichrist tho.
jelly of those seeing this at cannes for the first time.

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