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Video of the Day. Trailer: Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life"

Trailer for Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life".

The most beautiful trailer i have ever seen!
It really does look like he’s going to be going for the big one this time. His “2001.” His “Life, the Universe and Everything.” And so on. What’s more, from what little we can tell from a trailer, everyone else on board, too, looks to be at the top of his or her game: Lubezki, Pitt, everyone.
What’s great about this trailer is the way it sells the film purely on Malick-ian rapture: no plot summary, no attempt to contextualize the cuts to ambiguous shots of the globe, etc. Just stunning imagery. ….Aaand I’m watching it again…..
I’ve been waiting to see this movie for years! Going to see Black Swan (mainly because I hear this trailer is attached to the movie) tonight, so I’m going to control myself and wait to see the trailer on the big screen.
Juxtaposition. Works everytime!
Word of an impending Kubrick film never failed to quicken the blood. A new Malick film has the very same effect. He is unto himself.
Obviously it looks looks awesome, but I’m scared Malick is trying to go too big—similar to Kaufman in Synecdoche, NY. Kubrick coralled the hugeness with little dramas. I’m just scared that this film will be too abstracted from anything concrete at all, and so, won’t build at all, similar to The Thin Red Line, and as such, the beauty of the visuals won’t be worth anything.
The most beautiful trailer I’ve seen in a long time. This could just be a masterpiece.
The poster’s something else, too, and though I imagine we’ll have Adrian on the case soon enough, here’s a little something I thought of today.
At moments, the trailer gives me chills. I just hope it will turn out WAY better than Aronofsky’s Fountain.
I am in awe of Malick as a filmmaker. Even his less-than-perfect works always bring me chills… of Divine recognition, while in the dark of the theater my heart breaks open, just a little. This trailer is so beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the film. It’s not about high expectations, awards, or acclaim. I know Malick’s work, and no matter what I know I’ll leave the theater feeling… changed. He is a true artist. It is Enough.
I can only echo the comments these good people have made, especially how those of us who love Malick anticipate his films the way Kubrick’s once were, or how, back in the day, the next Beatles album was eagerly awaited. Malick’s vision is difficult to define exactly, yet the sense of being uplifted, even in darkness, is quite gloriously palpable.
what thrills me with this trailer’s vision is its audacity. it is only through great risk that memorable films get made. oftentimes, the jaded viewers confuse audacious filmmaking with pretentiousness.

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