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Video of the Day. Watch out for that bicycle!

From _Shall We Meet at 7?_ (1963): a perfect pop song plus ghostly early video technology.

From Shall We Meet at 7? (1963): a perfect pop song, ghostly early video technology and a crew that has decided that what a Kyû Sakamoto TV special really needs is more German Expressionism.

Those of you who've been racking your brains over how to link Mikio Naruse to Snoop Dogg, fear no more—you have an answer, with help from Dan Sallitt. "Ue o muite arukō" (known in the States as "Sukiyaki") was inspired by lyricist Rokusuke Ei's breakup with actress Meiko Nakamura (the comely nurse who makes Hideko Takamine so worried in "Women's Ways"); Slick Rick threw in a verse from the maudlin English-language cover / Hair Cuttery favorite by Taste of Honey into "La Di Da Di," which Snoop then made his own on Doggystyle. You're welcome.

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