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Watch 7 Films from Alpha-ville 2011

Free viewing from Alpha-ville, the International Festival of Post-digital Culture!

Each year in London, Alpha-ville, the International Festival of Post-digital Culture, explores the intersection between art, technology and society. This year, we're teaming up again to present seven works you can watch for free anywhere in the world through September 25.

Greg Tran explores augmented reality in Mediating Mediums: The Digital 3D. A mouse scampers through Teclópolis, from Argentinians Javier Mrad and Javier Salazar, while Kibwe Tavares lets loose the Robots of Brixton and classic video game icons wreck havoc on the real world in Patrick Jean's Pixels. Markus Kayser examines the the potential of desert manufacturing in Solar Sinter, Noriko Okaku spins an Allegory of Mrs Triangle and Abstract Birds and Quayola reveal the beauty of Partitura, a custom-designed software generating realtime graphics aimed at visualizing sound.

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