Watch Films from Le Fresnoy's 15th Panorama for Free

MUBI is offering free films from the renowned audiovisual school annual curated exhibition of student's films.

MUBI is excited to be partnering with Le Fresnoy, the national studio of contemporary arts with guest professors including Jean-Luc Godard, Miguel Gomes and Claire Denis.

Above: A Radiant Life.

This year, we are showing 29 unconventional documentary, essay and fiction films that go beyond their chosen genres, many of which have been selected in the finest film festivals around the world (including That I'm Falling?, selected for this year's Quinzaine des Réalisateurs).

All films have been produced for Le Fresnoy's annual Panorama exhibition, this year curated by Arnaud Laporte. We will be exhibiting the students' work online worldwide at the same as Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing, France. The new films are now playing for free on MUBI through July 21, 2013.

Above: Salah's Shadow.

Le Fresnoy is a post-graduate art and audiovisual research centre. Its aim is to enable young artists to produce works using professional standard equipment under the direction of established artists. The theoretical and practical work embraces all audiovisual languages, from electronic and traditional media (photography, cinema, video) to digital technology and other state of the art media developments. These works have been, in 2012, exhibited through 799 projections across 51 countries.


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