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Watch Free Films from the Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival

MUBI is proud to be hosting films from the 2nd Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival. Watch now for free!

MUBI is proud to present the 2nd Dialogue of Culture International Film Festival (DCIFF), hosted globally online by MUBI. This free film festival will run online from November 1 – 14, 2013, and be available exclusively on MUBI.

The DCIFF is the world's first film festival dedicated to the worldwide phenomenon of people in search of their identity in the era of mass migration and globalization. Its goal is to jumpstart a dialogue between cultures through the universal language of cinema.

The festival program includes films from across the globe, giving voice to multiple perspectives on issues of culture and identity. To create a global dialogue and promote better understanding between cultures, the participating filmmakers, producers, and rights holders have agreed to show their films online for free. The DCIFF and MUBI are proud to bring these vital and necessary films to a global audience.


(Some territory exclusions may apply)


Vote for your favorite films by clicking “Become a Fan.” The film with the most votes by the end of its festival run will receive the Dialogue of Culture International Film Festival 2013 Audience Award and a $5000 prize!


Get involved! The festival wants you to participate in the dialogue by entering the DCIFF's 2013 short film competition. Create a short film that you think best captures the festival's themes in a creative and vibrant way, and the festival's online audience will vote to determine the winner, who will receive $3000. To submit your own film or to watch and vote for all the entries, click here.

It appears only the first part of Century of Birthing is available to watch.
Yeah, what’s the score with ‘Century of Birthing’? There’s not much point in watching just the first hour of a six hour film. Is this one of those aforementioned territorial exclusions? Can people in other parts of the world watch the whole thing?
I’ve been wanting to see Perret in France and Algeria for a while now!
Last night I watched ’She a chinese ’ by Guo I thought it was superbe and very moving …the leading lady is so very beautiful and performances all round were so realistic and credible and true to life I actually don t know if they were actors or it was candid of every day people % star movie…exquisite Tour de force !! MARIELIZFORTE
@ K Tay and Iain Stott: The Lav Diaz should be fully available now! @marielizforte: Glad you enjoyed it! The film won the Golden Leopard at Locarno.
Don’t forget to vote for your favourite DCIFF films by becoming a fan- there is a $5,000 prize for the winner of the audience award!

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