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Weekly Rushes. Cimino & Kiarostami Remembered, Eastwood & Malick Trailers, Writing “Dr. Strangelove”

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.
Poster for Abbas Kiarostami's The Report
She continued to work all the way up to 1988, and her life has been full, her attitude joyous. Now, as she turns 100 on 1 July, de Havilland is the last of the great pre-World War II Hollywood stars; her contemporary Kirk Douglas got a much later start. One by one, the others have died, including her sister Joan Fontaine in 2013. De Havilland remains, still willing to be photographed, still sharing her memories...
  • We don't know about you, but we're still avidly anticipating the films Clint Eastwood directs. Sully, his next feature and first collaboration with Tom Hanks, looks magnificent, with echoes of Robert Zemeckis' greatly under-appreciated Flight.
  • Speaking of magnificence, we suppose that's what one expects from a trailer for a new Terrence Malick movie, so perhaps the first footage from his long-in-the-making documentary Voyage of Time doesn't quite carry the surprise for which we were hoping. Still, we'll see you in that IMAX cinema opening day this October.
I won’t attempt to reconstruct the conversation; suffice to say he told me he was going to make a film about “our failure to understand the dangers of nuclear war.” He said that he had thought of the story as a “straightforward melodrama” until this morning, when he “woke up and realized that nuclear war was too outrageous, too fantastic to be treated in any conventional manner.” He said he could only see it now as “some kind of hideous joke.” He told me that he had read a book of mine which contained, as he put it, “certain indications” that I might be able to help him with the script.
Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson rivals Toni Erdmann for the festival’s most audacious and pleasurable film. Both are comedies, but where Ade’s film sprawls and succeeds via its script and larger-than-life performances, Jarmusch’s is pared down, like a great three-chord rock song that transcends through repetitions and minute variations. 
  • The poster for the release of a new restoration of the Coen brothers' first film, Blood Simple.
  • Following our trailer for Clint Eastwood's Sully, the sombre poster.
  • And, so as to not end things on such a downer, here's Cary Grant doing a wardrobe test for Howard Hawks' I Was a War Bride (1949):
That's not a wardrobe test. That's what Cary Grant would normally wear to the set.

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