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World Cinema Foundation x The Auteurs

While in Cannes we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming screening of the World Cinema Foundation's restoration of Edward Yang's terrifically hard to see masterpiece A Brighter Summer Day later in the festival, audiences at home now have the opportunity to watch the first series of films the WCF has selected and restored on The Auteurs for free.  To view the line-up and watch the movies, visit the WCF's cinema on The Auteurs here.

This is awesome! A Brighter Summer Day is indeed one of the best of the 1990’s.
so thankfull for the work of the world cinema foundation…
Thank you to both the World Cinema Foundation and The Auteurs! I am very happy to have discovered the two….
Thank you to the World Cinema Foundation and The Auteurs! A Great Project!
Glad that Kent has landed in a good place.
How log are these four films available for watching for free?

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