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Havana Film Festival

  1. Gloria
    3 Miejsce: Best Film


  2. Bad Hair
    Best Film (Special Jury Prize)

    Bad Hair

  3. The Golden Dream
    First Work (Special Jury Prize)

    The Golden Dream

  4. Heli
  5. Tattoo
    Best Artistic Contribution


  6. Disrupted
    Memoria Documentary Award


  7. The German Doctor
    Best Director

    The German Doctor

  8. The Amazing Catfish
    2 Miejsce: First Work

    The Amazing Catfish

  9. A Wolf at the Door
    First Work

    A Wolf at the Door

  10. Gerontophilia


  11. El mudo
    Best Music

    El mudo

  12. I Will Be Murdered
    Best Work of a Non-Latin American Director on a Latin America Subject - Documentary

    I Will Be Murdered

  13. The Tears
    Szczególne Wyróżnienie: Best First Work

    The Tears

  14. The Summer of Flying Fish
    3 Miejsce: First Work

    The Summer of Flying Fish

  15. The Last Call
    Best Editing

    The Last Call

  16. La distancia más larga

    La distancia más larga

  17. The Reconstruction
    Best Actor

    The Reconstruction

  18. Land Without Evil: Ivy Maraey
    Best Sound

    Land Without Evil: Ivy Maraey

  19. The Militant

    The Militant

  20. Elena


  21. My Straight Son

    My Straight Son

  22. Confetti