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Istanbul International Film Festival

  1. Minus One

    Minus One

  2. Watchman


  3. My Short Words

    My Short Words

  4. Colorless Dream
    Wyróżnione: Special Jury Prize

    Colorless Dream

  5. Put to the Things

    Put to the Things

  6. Taksim Hold'em

    Taksim Hold'em

  7. Underground


  8. Turtle Shells

    Turtle Shells

  9. Sideway
  10. Of Skin and Men

    Of Skin and Men

  11. Bikini Moon

    Bikini Moon

  12. Longing


  13. The Gulf
    FIPRESCI Award

    The Gulf

  14. A Season in France

    A Season in France

  15. Birds Are Singing in Kigali

    Birds Are Singing in Kigali

  16. Severina


  17. The Home

    The Home

  18. Abu


  19. Golden Years

    Golden Years

  20. Arabesque


  21. The Last of England

    The Last of England

  22. Daughter of the Nile

    Daughter of the Nile

  23. Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas

  24. Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky

  25. Stalker


  26. Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata

  27. Phase IV

    Phase IV

  28. Scenes from a Marriage (Television Version)

    Scenes from a Marriage (Television Version)

  29. Hanba


  30. Panna mloda w zalobie

    Panna mloda w zalobie

  31. The Well

    The Well

  32. Persona


  33. Winter Light

    Winter Light

  34. Milczenie


  35. Siódma pieczęć

    Siódma pieczęć

  36. Tam, gdzie rosna poziomki

    Tam, gdzie rosna poziomki

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