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Stockholm International Film Festival

  1. Strange Fits of Passion

  2. The Darkest Light

    The Darkest Light

  3. julien donkey-boy

    julien donkey-boy

  4. Romance


  5. Wisconsin Death Trip

    Wisconsin Death Trip

  6. Terror Firmer

    Terror Firmer

  7. Models


  8. Twin Falls Idaho

    Twin Falls Idaho

  9. Set Me Free

    Set Me Free

  10. Lola+Bilidikid (Director's Cut)

    Lola+Bilidikid (Director's Cut)

  11. Three Seasons

    Three Seasons

  12. Return of the Idiot

    Return of the Idiot

  13. Two Hands

    Two Hands

  14. The Carriers Are Waiting

    The Carriers Are Waiting

  15. Northern Skirts
    Best Directorial Debut

    Northern Skirts

  16. Speedway Junky

    Speedway Junky

  17. Between Your Legs

    Between Your Legs

  18. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Best Cinematography

    Love Will Tear Us Apart

  19. Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

    Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

  20. Oi! Warning

    Oi! Warning

  21. Nasty Neighbours
    Best Actor

    Nasty Neighbours

  22. The Zone

    The Zone

  23. Wyróżnione: FIPRESCI Prize

    Getting to Know You

  24. The Highway Crossing
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Highway Crossing

  25. Pink Prison

    Pink Prison

  26. Strange Planet

    Strange Planet

  27. Pups


  28. The Weekend

    The Weekend

  29. Show Me Love

    Show Me Love

  30. Trans


  31. From the Edge of the City

    From the Edge of the City

  32. Bo Ba Bu

    Bo Ba Bu

  33. Praise


  34. Beefcake


  35. Pop in Reykjavík

    Pop in Reykjavík

  36. Life Is to Whistle

    Life Is to Whistle