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Antoine and Antoinette

Antoine et Antoinette

Reżyseria Jacques Becker
Francja, 1947
Komedia, Dramat, Film romantyczny


Working class couple Antoine and Antoinette dream of a better life. In the midst of constantly fending off the unwanted attention of men, Antoinette purchases a winning lottery ticket. But when Antoine loses their ticket, their dreams seem like they’ll remain just that.

Ten film nie jest aktualnie dostępny na MUBI- w przeciwieństwie do 30-tu innych, wspaniałych filmów, które są teraz dostępne. Znajdziesz je w obecnie wyświetlane.
Antoine and Antoinette Reżyseria Jacques Becker
People call this kind of thing a “slice of life,” as though it were a simple matter of breaking off a hunk of reality and serving it up. But Becker is doing something far trickier and more virtuosic: constructing moments of apparent ordinariness that become riveting, and mundane images that are inexplicably moving.
August 28, 2018
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Only toward the end do all these elements suddenly snap into sharper focus, when our lovers discover that they’ve got a winning lottery ticket — which Antoine promptly loses. Suddenly, the humdrum details Becker has been presenting to us . . . gain profound, interlocked significance.
August 03, 2018
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For his part, Becker pirouettes ’round grim resignation, unwilling either to diminish the hardships of working-class life or to wallow in them. With wise and tender humanism, he unknots contrivance to expose the raft of possibilities hidden in the fabric of the everyday.
December 24, 2014
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