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Berberian Sound Studio

Reżyseria Peter Strickland
Wielka Brytania, 2012
Horror, Dramat, Thriller


1976. A naïve, mild-mannered British sound engineer named Gilderoy arrives in Rome to work on the post-synchronized soundtrack of an Italian horror film, a tale of witchcraft and murder. As the line between film and reality blurs, is Gilderoy working on a film—or in one?

Berberian Sound Studio Reżyseria Peter Strickland
Every shot and blip of soundtrack noise counts. Strickland has conjured so much with so little.
June 12, 2013
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The creepiness builds with symphonic precision until reality truly is indistinguishable from fantasy.
June 10, 2013
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Like [Blow Out and Skolimowski’s The Scream], Berberian Sound Studio is a narrative wrapped around the process of building soundscapes. But this is no mere piece of retro-hound crate-digging; as De Palma did, Strickland uses his backstage premise to reveal the real reptilian appetites and psychic wounds that lie beneath the surface of easily dismissed trash-horror.
June 05, 2013
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