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Cop Car

Reżyseria Jon Watts
Stany Zjednoczone, 2015


A small town sheriff sets out to find the two kids who have taken his car on a joy ride.

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Cop Car Reżyseria Jon Watts
Watts isn’t frivolous under the circumstances he’s concocted. There are consequences, but they seem disproportionately cruel. He doesn’t know what to do with the mess he’s put these kids in or what it means for them to be there.
August 18, 2015
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The film never feels manipulative, and that’s a testament both to the economical script (written by Watts and Christopher D. Ford) and to the direction. Watts is fond of long vistas, wide shots that take in the landscape around these characters, which creates a sense of both grandeur and insignificance even as it lends some humor. There’s something mythic about the story unfolding before us, but the film avoids self-importance.
August 09, 2015
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Cop Car impressively feeds off a sizable chunk of the generic spectrum. Watts is a highly focused multitasker: He cleverly tweaks each genre all the way through the film. Thanks largely to the handiwork of editors Megan Brooks and Andrew Hasse, the interwoven moods and styles come off as credible, and as seamless or self-consciously prominent as the filmmaker desires.
August 07, 2015
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Co mówią ludzie?

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Cop Car

    Cop Car eschews exposition, backstory, and resolution, making it a non-complicated, easy-going time. Some benefits are Bacon's performance, as he portrays his corrupt character with sinister charm, and the naivety of the kids provides comedy relief. Yet, the climax feels generic, and the story lacks examination/analysis on its potential themes of corruption of innocence, making it much too shallow for its plot-line.

  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Cop Car

    Kevin Bacon was mesmerizing to watch, in no small part due to the lack of dialogue. The slow and soft storytelling was engaging, but a major detraction for me was the characterization of the kids. Their naivety is taken to such an extreme that it inhibited my suspension of disbelief. Nonetheless, director and co-writer Jon Watts is now on my radar.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Cop Car

    A good (recent) example of a film where the premise, cast of talent, and overall production quality is far better than the way it all works together. Disappointing, to say the least. The soft and slow pace contributed to a good built of tension in the first act, but the arse falls out of her by the time the final act rolls around.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Cop Car

    Taut and stylish minimalist filmmaking; part-thriller, part-coming-of-age, part-neo-Western, and even detabably a road movie with no clear direction. Includes one of the most troubling, but intense monologues of recent memory, which takes place between a man and the two boys. The rest is here to enjoy and commend.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Cop Car

    Lean and mean thriller that is a little shy on plot or true suspense but compensates with good production values and a good turn by Kevin Bacon. Perhaps with stronger scripting this could have amounted to more than a passable time filler.

  • Jason's rating of the film Cop Car

    A fun ride. You presumably aren't asking much of it. It certainly isn't asking much of you. There really aren't a lot of elements here. It's a nut-and-bolts genre operation. They don't exactly make 'em like this anymore, and the movie will doubtlessly appeal to those who wish they still did. Kevin Bacon is kind of bananas, but if you watch him carefully, there is actually some serious restraint going on. Too much?

  • Palmat's rating of the film Cop Car

    I´m all for low key filmmaking and staying clear of genre tropes but this movie sorely needed them to gain some momentum and oomph! Casting and production design is very good and the script holds a lot of promise but the movie manages to stay clear of any sort of suspense and sense of urgency. Still I love me a good slice of Bacon, even when undercooked...

  • Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Cop Car

    The tensest moments were designed when the kids play with the guns, putting us in an incessant state of alert. As for the rest, “Cop Car” brings nothing new, consisting in a mediocre course of events that keeps oscillating between favorable and fatal. (2.5 stars)

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