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285 Ocen


Reżyseria Alain Gomis
Francja, Belgia, 2017


Félicité, free and proud, is a singer in the evenings in a bar in Kinshasa. Her life changes when her 14-year-old son is the victim of a motorcycle accident. To save him, she begins a frantic race through the streets of an electric Kinshasa, a world of music and dreams.

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Félicité Reżyseria Alain Gomis
Alain Gomis’ FÉLICITÉ, an immersive, celebratory work of magical realism, won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival; it’s also the first ever submission by Senegal for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It can be a harrowing film, but it’s also a joyous and vibrant one.
December 15, 2017
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Expressive, almost dreamlike dissolves figure in a particularly fraught homecoming scene. There are shots of an orchestra and a choir in Kinshasa rehearsing, and eventually performing, works by Arvo Pärt. There are scenes in which Félicité wanders a night forest alone. None of these tendrils feel affected, though. And Mr. Gomis has a sharp ear for the alarming way in which romantic transactions are negotiated between men and women in this milieu.
October 26, 2017
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The movie is, in part, a musical, featuring exhilarating performances by Beya and her band in night-club scenes roiled with dance, alcohol, and eros, and perched on the edge of violence—but it’s all the more an incisive work of sociopolitical analysis, focussed on the health-care system of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a result, it’s a painfully timely film for American viewers.
September 30, 2017
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