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Gaby Baby Doll

Reżyseria Sophie Letourneur
Francja, 2014
Komedia, Film romantyczny, Dramat
  • francuski
  • angielski
Double Bill: Comedies by Sophie Letourneur


Gaby mustn’t be left alone at night. Yet that’s exactly what her boyfriend Vincent does, to test her love for him. She struggles against her natural instincts and quickly exhausts the patience of the local guys. But Gaby decides to turn to castle warden Nicolas, an expert in loneliness, for help.

Nasza opinia

We conclude our double bill of writer-director-actor Sophie Letourneur and her female-led audacities with Gaby Baby Doll. A slapstick comedy and gentle romance at once, this hard-learned lesson in solitude stars Lolita Chammah (Isabelle Huppert’s daughter!) and singer Benjamin Biolay.

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