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  1. Shiv Kammadari's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Writing dialogue and elementary level cliffhanger plots for porno spoofs which he shot in his younger years, it's easy to see how he brings that same wit and the skill to keep the viewer hooked even when the characters are talking about something as inconsequential as cigarettes or hookers, of course this time with more polish and focus.The characters are very richly written.

  2. johmus's rating of the film Hard Eight

    A soft-hearted story about the importance of mentorship, of having an experienced elder friend to show you the ropes in life. A valuable insight into the development of PTA as the director highly involved with humanistic principles in his characters and his pictures that he has become today. Also the blood spilled in the film is the sign of American (gun) culture and the way stories are told in American cinema.

  3. jonrock411's rating of the film Hard Eight

    A solid first feature from a great director.  Philip Baker Hall and John C Reilly play off each other wonderfully, and like most PTA works, it’s the relationship between them that is the heart of the film

  4. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Hard Eight

    4.5/5 - A synchronization of camera movements and actor/character dynamics culminating and converging into a vortex where two people are bonded forever inside the cinematic space. In other words, it had me by the balls straight from the get go, and it never let up for even a single microsecond.

  5. postblueink's rating of the film Hard Eight

  6. Oluseyi's rating of the film Hard Eight

  7. Massimo Angius's rating of the film Hard Eight

  8. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film Hard Eight

  9. Ramzi's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Nice. Good. Well done to all involved.

  10. Doug Grenier's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Mesmerizing debut of P.T. Anderson that preceded "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia". A rich character study featuring a standout performance from Philip Baker Hall. Plus nice turns from John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Samuel L. Jackson. Don't miss this one.

  11. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Hard Eight

  12. mahdis's rating of the film Hard Eight

  13. Cody Hoskins's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Such a stirring debut by Paul Thomas Anderson that despite its shorter length in comparison to his later works, it sets the stage for his craft and characterizations with an intimately comical and solemn approach to the dynamic of guilt and fortune.

  14. gld48's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Damn, PTA knocked it out of the park on his first movie. Philip Baker Hall is the coolest mofo, John C Reilly can really act, Gwyneth is nowhere near as annoying as usual, Sam Jackson is as skeezy as always and Philip Seymour Hoffman steals the middle of the film (could watch a film based on his character) Fantastic debut.

  15. Dave Muñoz Velasco's rating of the film Hard Eight

    A simple but emoting debut by P. T. Anderson. A film that lets the characters talk and build the story in a great way. Anderson's confidence behind the camera is amazing since film one. Would have been great to see his full version of the movie.

  16. spasmolytic's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Philip Seymour Hoffman's one scene steals the whole show.

  17. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Hard Eight

  18. cineholic's rating of the film Hard Eight

    9/10. Though HARD EIGHT lacks the polish of many of PTA's later films, it nonetheless showcases his great talents as a director and his knack for unconventional father-son stories. Philip Baker Hall and John C. Reilly give incredible performances.

  19. William's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Sucks you right in; shows PTA could do simple and straightforward just as well as his gnarly messy later epics. Philip Baker Hall is grand but I found myself most impressed by Gwyneth Paltrow. It might have been interesting to see someone else in the Sam Jackson role, only because while he is good, he is inevitably always Sam Jackson. PTA's Dad is in the movie line next to John C. Reilly's flaming pants.

  20. Balthaz21's rating of the film Hard Eight

  21. tom.edmonds's rating of the film Hard Eight

    The film that launched the career of one of todays great directors. Paul Thomas Anderson utilises a quite unique kind of humble minimalism to his filmmaking which lets this very talented cast produce some fine acting and memorable scenes. Also of special mention are the hilarious inclusion of some velcro shoes and Philip Seymour Hoffman's brief portrayal of an asshole showoff at the craps table. Check it out!

  22. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Good all around but not totally the sum of all its parts. Great character study and nice camera work.

  23. SLionsCricket's rating of the film Hard Eight

    3.5/5 Few of cinema's great directors had the ideal directorial debut. Paul Thomas Anderson is ONE of the great filmmakers and "Hard Eight" is not a perfect debut but it doesn't need to be either. From here to "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia", the evolution of PTA is quite astonishing.

  24. Rodrigo Morais's rating of the film Hard Eight

    PTA certainly knows how to create good characters

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