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Lambs of God

Reżyseria Jeffrey Walker
Australia, 2019
Miniserial telewizyjny, Dramat


Lambs of God is a dark, gothic tale about three nuns, each a generation apart, living in an isolated convent by the coast, and an unwelcome visitor who enters their lives and changes their world forever.

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Lambs of God Reżyseria Jeffrey Walker

Co mówią ludzie?

  • OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Lambs of God

    I wanted to like this more; it's bold and dramatic, realises a unique world that we haven't really seen before yet something feels odd with the tone. It feels on one level like a fantasy kids series and yet the violence feels gratuitous and aimed at adults. 3 stars

  • Diogo Moreira's rating of the film Lambs of God

    More than a drama, imo, it also challenges the power and rules of the Church and on a smaller level: heteronormativity and masculinity. I found the the tales told by each one very interesting as they are able to tell the truth about each character, sometimes including tales from the Bible; the details of the stories differ wildly from those that Ignatius and the television audience know, and that makes a difference.

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