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Laurence Anyways

Reżyseria Xavier Dolan
Kanada, Francja, 2012
Dramat, Film romantyczny


In the 90s, Laurence tells his girlfriend that he wants to become a woman. Over ten years, in spite of the odds, in spite of each other, they confront the prejudices of their friends, ignore the council of their families, and brave the phobias of the society they offend.

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Laurence Anyways Reżyseria Xavier Dolan

Nagrody i Festiwale

Cannes Film Festival

2012 | 2 wśród zwycięstw: Queer Palm

Toronto International Film Festival

2012 | Zwycięzca: Best Canadian Feature Film

César Awards

2013 | Nominowany: Best Foreign Film

It’s hard to overstate just how much Laurence Anyways is Poupaud’s film as much as it is Dolan’s. It’s all the more remarkable since the actor was a last-minute replacement, cast shortly before shooting began after Louis Garrel (for whom Dolan had written the role) bailed out. Garrel’s loss, our win; it’s unimaginable to think of anyone else inhabiting the role of Laurence.
March 18, 2017
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The film is marked by moments of stunningly expressive stylization that put it in another league beyond the normal prestige picture “issues” biopic; it certainly has more going for it cinematically than The Dallas Buyers’ Club, the transgender-themed Oscar bait made by Dolan’s fellow Quebecois Jean-Marc Vallée.
June 19, 2015
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No amount of inside jokes or soft-focus backgrounds can shield the lovers from what’s coming, and Dolan simultaneously girds us and disarms us with the film’s epic-worthy aesthetics, the slowly approaching camera (reminiscent most recently of compatriot Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies) and long distance “tunnel” shots, down wood-paneled hallways, across the manicured street, or from the far end of a blue-hued bar, everyone waiting for someone to appear from offscreen with a solution.
June 19, 2015
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