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Les coquillettes

Reżyseria Sophie Letourneur
Francja, 2012
Dramat, Komedia
  • francuski
  • angielski
Double Bill: Comedies by Sophie Letourneur


Director Sophie brings her film, and her friends Carole and Camille, to the Locarno Film Festival. The festival is a merry-go-round of parties, and these girls are boy crazy—when Sophie’s not stalking Louis Garrel, ineffectual attempts to hook up with unimpressed guys and emotional meltdowns ensue.

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First in our double bill of comedies by Sophie Letourneur is this delightful gem featuring Louis Garrel! Shot during the Locarno Film Festival, this comedy follows three unashamed women more interested in potential flings than high-brow flicks, portrayed with refreshing candor and wit.

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This satirizes the film fest experience, with in-jokes sure to tickle world cinema enthusiasts, and Letourneur revels in the wild partying and shameless philandering that takes place after all the serious movie chatter dies down.
June 24, 2015
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Along the way, [the main characters] adorn their observations with a tooth-tingling array of Franglicisms (“cupcake,” “glamour,” “see you soon,” and, best of all, “la life”). Much of the action is displaced to Facebook and text messages, and the conspicuous dubbing of voices throughout gives this vertiginous, documentary-style comedy the air of a live-action cartoon.
July 15, 2013
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Consistently amusing and often blissfully silly, this comedy travels dangerously insular ground… But Ms. Letourneur has such a light touch, as well as real formal ambitions and such a generous attitude toward her characters that the movie eludes any inside-baseball traps.
March 19, 2013
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