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Magnificent Obsession

Reżyseria Douglas Sirk
Stany Zjednoczone, 1954
Dramat, Film romantyczny


Reckless playboy Bob Merrick (Rock Hudson) crashes his speedboat, requiring emergency attention from the town’s only resuscitator while Dr. Phillips dies waiting for the life-saving device. Merrick then tries to right his wrongs with the doctor’s widow, Helen—falling in love with her in the process.

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Magnificent Obsession Reżyseria Douglas Sirk
A 1954 remake of a 1935 flick based on a 1929 book so “confused” Sirk couldn’t get through it, Magnificent Obsession is creepy where it isn’t implausible—two very sound reasons to watch, then watch again.
June 10, 2015
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Besides treating the ridiculous story with the utmost dramatic precision and visual coherence, the director lends it surprising thematic depth. Every step depends on stifled emotions and closely guarded secrets, resulting in a buildup of operatic passion that endows everyday gestures and inflections with grandeur and nobility.
June 01, 2015
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Produced in the wake of Henry Koster’s CinemaScope adaptation of Douglas’ THE ROBE, Sirk’s 1954 remake of MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION is, by any standard, an absolutely batshit movie. (It’s the kind of film where a lecture about the radical power of kindness compares the crucifixion of Christ to the act of turning on a light bulb.) It’s not so much an adaptation of Douglas as a third-hand amplification of his aura.
May 22, 2015
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