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  1. Eufrasia Erika's rating of the film Okja

  2. Joao Pedro Amorim's rating of the film Okja

    Bong Joon-Ho is a storyteller master and here, once again, he crafted an engaging tale. However, Okja misses the moral ambiguity of the best of his films, and fails to portray a complex reality.

  3. iilys's rating of the film Okja

    Mija character is awesome,intense and emotionally honest! She does really good angry!

  4. Ozu's rating of the film Okja

  5. I.Camera's rating of the film Okja

    Probably Joon-Ho's most satirical film, Okja turns his critique to capitalism & the meat industry. The film is let down by some hammy overacting, esp. from Gyllenhaal, but is assisted by Khondji's skillful cinematography and a refusal to take itself too seriously. While not the director's greatest, it's a good introduction to Sth Korean film (given its Netflix presence, it may be the first SK film many people watch).

  6. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Okja

    A tale of animal friendship and corporate horror

  7. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film Okja

    3,3 Sans doute le filme pour la famille le plus rough que j'ai eu a voir. Ça donne vraiment envi d'être un fraichié d'Vegan. Pis me semble que ça l'aurais été encore plus fou si Paul Dano était pas juste violant en tant que éco révolutionnaire, et qu'il soit en fait engagé par un autre lobby de nourriture vegan genre les Avocats (le fruit)... enfin la twist était bonne, mais ça l'aurais pu être plus surprenant.

  8. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Okja

    Okja feels like a Miyazaki movie translated into the sadistic corporal world of today, with an array of captivating larger than life characters hovering around the creature that lends the film its title, one of the best CGI creations I've had the pleasure of seeing in a movie, not only by how gorgeously animated it is, but by how well realized and tangible its relationship is with the human protagonist, Mija.

  9. martaag's rating of the film Okja

    Qual Cowspiracy qual quê.

  10. Massimo Angius's rating of the film Okja

  11. Aaken's rating of the film Okja

    Or how to switch to being a vegaterian... Bong Joon-ho never ceases to surprises me. But what I enjoy especially in his films is that he never indulges in sentimentality. It is always spot-on and well dosed. Again, Tilda Swinton is amazing - as she had been in Bong's previous 'Snowpiercer'. Totally lurve it

  12. lauraalpinto's rating of the film Okja

  13. alfredodimalo's rating of the film Okja

  14. limited-space's rating of the film Okja

    Netflix parayi basip maymun etmis Tilda Swinton ve Jake Gyllenhaal'ı

  15. Adam GR's rating of the film Okja

    Bong Joon-ho consistently and confidently tells a complete journey in his stories. An enthralling rescue quest that really tugs at the heartstrings, mainly through CGI super pigs. Actors get to play here. What do you think Jake Gyllenhaal thought of his life at this time? Humorous in an unreal way, but speaks to serious natures of consumption and environmental footprints.

  16. lofisofi's rating of the film Okja

    i wish i could like this movie, but i find myself not trusting its intentions

  17. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Okja

    Di dua scene awal udah mau langsung teriak "ITU KUDA NIL BUKAN BABI!!!". Ngeselin tapi yah mau gmna lagi fantasy, tapi emg film maker kayaknya lagi gencar sama isu-isu gini deh

  18. sabrina's rating of the film Okja

    Awwwwwww:''''''--))))))) This got me.

  19. *:・゚✧'s rating of the film Okja

    ket iki aku mangkel ndelok Jake Gyllenhaal

  20. HKFanatic's rating of the film Okja

    Vegan screed aside, there is something about "Okja" that just feels needlessly cruel, as though it only exists to take something pure and drag it through the mud of a cynical world, one in which both radical leftists and American super-conglomerates operate without the public's consent. Okay, that actually does sound like our reality, but did we need Jake Gyllenhaal's bizarre David Cross impression on top of that?

  21. anarresti's rating of the film Okja

    [tiny spoiler] Its virtue is how it toys with stereotypes of opposite sides, the greedy ruthless capitalists, the naive idealistic activists. And in the center, oblivious to the disputes, is the story of a friendship between a little girl and an animal. The fact that Monsanto did try to patent the pig in 2005, makes this more relevant. See example patent applications WO 2005/015989 and WO 2005/017204.

  22. meepy's rating of the film Okja

    I came across interesting posters for Okja which gave me this thought: we all have brandings for ourselves just like parts of a pig. Ribs. Bacon. Ham. Celebrity. Rebel. Influencer. In the end, we are only a person. We try to package ourselves in pretty ways. Designer clothing. Fake over-the-top personalities. In reality, we are all the same useless drunkard that we saw in the factory.

  23. Salma's rating of the film Okja

    Netflix REALLY mis-shelved this. I might have liked it more if I'd known what the hell I was getting myself into

  24. Kamran's rating of the film Okja

    In spite of some questionable stylistic choices, this satire couldn't be more timely. 77/100 - Very Good. (3.5)

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