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318 Ocen


Reżyseria Bernd Schoch
Niemcy, 2019
Film dokumentalny


W południowych Karpatach całe rodziny spędzają lato w ubogich obozach, codziennie wyruszając o świcie w poszukiwaniu grzybów i jagód. Nieformalne struktury tego mikrokosmosu stanowią najniższy szczebel przemysłowej drabiny ogarniającej całą Europę.

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Olanda Reżyseria Bernd Schoch

Co mówią ludzie?

  • Alexandra herschman's rating of the film Olanda

    The film takes a look at the coexistence of a temporary community over a whole season. The film uses the rhizomatic structure of the fungus itself to describe a precarious sociopolitical structure, in which the smaller and the larger stories connect. Bernd Schoch did a great job directing giving the audience a glimpse of the Romanian society.

  • GoSpeedGo!'s rating of the film Olanda

    This needs to be championed as a magnificent ethnographic film with a slight, but utterly pleasant spiritual/psychedelic vibe. You really don't expect that incredible montage sequence to happen, and when it does, you just sit there with your mouth open.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Olanda

    A documentary of some potential as it resembles an ethnographic study of these nomadic peoples and their livelihood. Schoch invests the film with an occasionally foreboding atmosphere, enhanced by the beautiful misty and mountainous landscape. Transactions, petty arguments, trouble with the law, historical memory and ethnic identity give rise to a mosaic which proves though excruciatingly and unjustifiably overlong.

  • DebraM's rating of the film Olanda

    This slow, meandering documentary won't be to everyone's taste, but for me it echoed almost forgotten childhood memories of autumn mushrooming in southern Australia. I'm thankful our family livelihood didn't depend on it! Worth watching.

  • Arthur Bruno Oliveira Soares's rating of the film Olanda

    Cumpre bem o papel de explorar uma cultura tão específica que é o cultivo e comércio de cogumelos numa região pouco conhecida, porém se torna muito maçante e sem propósito em certos momentos. A duração é o maior problema.

  • Joseph Fairbanks's rating of the film Olanda

    This film tells a tale of mushroom pickers. This film takes a look at the coexistence of a temporary community over a whole season and uses the structure of the fungus itself to describe a structure in which the smaller and the larger stories, it honestly wasn't for me and I would not watch it again. While understanding the film I still found myself bored. The film caught my attention being a newer film from 2019.

  • Pok's rating of the film Olanda

    2.5 Siento que el acercamiento observacional no es lo mejor para este doc, sobre todo por la duración que tiene. Siempre he tenido problemas apreciando documentales donde la imagen cuenta la historia, prefiero cosas más narrativas o experimentales. La fotografía es bella y tiene algunas cosas interesantes, pero a final de cuentas termina siendo intrascendente pues no logró comunicarme la relevancia de lo que retrata.

  • Gewoon Bert's rating of the film Olanda

    Slow paced documentary at its best! Kudos for how Herr Schoh seems to blend in like a fly on the wall and is accepted by the shroomers. Although the film offers a glimpse of the not most opulent side of Romanian society, there is joie de vivre and good fun in abundance! A little downside though is the complete lack of subtitles when the voiceover is heard. Pity... A 7/10 well deserved.

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