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Terror at the Opera

Reżyseria Dario Argento
Włochy, 1987
Horror, Thrillery


When a young opera singer takes over the leading role in an avant-garde presentation of Macbeth, she triggers the madness of a crazed fan who repeatedly forces the diva to watch the brutal murders of her friends. Will the woman’s recurring nightmare hold the key to the identity of this psychopath?

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Opera Reżyseria Dario Argento

Co mówią ludzie?

  • eugenie de sade's rating of the film Opera

    there's something very satisfying about watching british people get brutally murdered to maria callas

  • antibody's rating of the film Opera

    A brilliant if not slightly disjointed masterwork. Seamless use of multiple POVs, excellent camera tricks (the eye drops!) and they even get the fucking CROWS to act in this movie. Super cute power suit lesbian runs from robe bondage killer. Perfection! The scene with the scissors had my MOUTH. WIDE. OPEN. Even when it devolves into a daylight heavy metal nightmare, it's horny af. SING MY ANGEL OF MUSIC!!!

  • Stefan Drees's rating of the film Opera

    One of my favorite Argento films: an artistic examination of different kinds of viewing. The camera is intriguing - especially the movement through rooms and staircases -, like the use of different types of music or the work with colors and shadows.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Opera

    Gleeful slasher tactics mix with grace in camera technique, creating Argento's most non-convolutedly plotted 'great' film of his career. The leads are enough developed and the idea of needles under eyes to make our heroine an unwilling spectator to the brutal murders of her friends is terrifying. The rock music dilutes these scenes disturbing impact, but perhaps it's needed in this take on Grand-Guignol, Comic-opera.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Opera

    Argento´s last great movie where he manages to update and modernize his style with great success. The camera work is very good and adds some real suspense to the proceedings. The acting is pretty good for the most part and the dubbing is OK. Production design and music is also very good. Storywise the movie works very well for an Argento movie and he plays it as straight as possible.

  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Opera

    ***1/2 With OPERA, Dario Argento presented, in 1987, the most fluent film of the first half of his career. I also liked the way the director blends in OPERA's heroin with Jennifer, PHENOMENA'S heroin, in the last ten minutes of the movie. Recommended.

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Opera

    Opera is most likely Argento’s last masterpiece, the final feat before the tragic fall. It’s a sinister, coherent and controlled exercise in cinema violence. Italian opera gives the cultural background, violent as ever, and the eyes, often victims in Argento’s films, are elevated to a metaphorical level that brings depth to the story and comments on the contradictory nature of watching violence (in cinema and opera).

  • Rocco's rating of the film Opera

    Befitting its opera house setting, this is easily Argento’s most elegantly composed film. A remarkably polished technical showcase with all of the director’s powers as a visual stylist on display in a beautiful barrage of grandiose camera movements. Unfortunately, as usual, his lousiness as a writer is his Achilles heel. The late game reveal and denouement are a big “so what?,” but what a sumptuous journey!

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