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Oz the Great and Powerful

Reżyseria Sam Raimi
Stany Zjednoczone, 2013
Film fantasy, Komedia, Film familijny


How the Wizard (James Franco) arrived in Oz and became the ruler. A prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Ten film nie jest aktualnie dostępny na MUBI- w przeciwieństwie do 30-tu innych, wspaniałych filmów, które są teraz dostępne. Znajdziesz je w obecnie wyświetlane.
Oz the Great and Powerful Reżyseria Sam Raimi
Raimi has to take most of the credit for this better-than-expected entertainment: he holds a steady rhythm, avoids crude jokes and cheap shots, has the sense to cast excellent actors and steers a middle course, neither po-faced nor campy.
March 20, 2013
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Occasionally, a touch of Raimi’s pranksterism breaks through, chiefly in the form of “China Town,” a literal dinnerware suburb where Oz comes to the aid of a fractured china doll (also the movie’s most special special effect). More often, Oztilts towards the mawkish, as the sham wizard learns the value of selflessness and an incessant Danny Elfman score tugs so shamelessly at your tear ducts that it would make the Tin Man surrender his heart on the spot.
March 14, 2013
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Oz’s primary stroke of inspiration holds the film to a standard it can’t possibly meet. It was clever of Raimi to identify himself with Franco’s charlatan, and risky of him to offer up his on-screen surrogate as an object of praise. His film isn’t just a celebration of the movies; it’s a hymn to a very specific and very modern sort of tech-driven spectacle.
March 11, 2013
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