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Sea Fog


Reżyseria Shim Sung-Bo
Korea Południowa, 2014
Dramat, Thrillery


The ragtag crew of a fishing boat takes on a dangerous commission to smuggle a group of illegal immigrants from China to Korea, in this tense high-seas adventure co-scripted by South Korean genre-movie guru Bong Joon-ho. Starring Kim Yoon-seok and Park Yoo- chun.

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Sea Fog Reżyseria Shim Sung-Bo
But the film fails to lift off from its sturdy aesthetic launching pad; it never allows the characters, however stock, to evolve in their respective dealings with one another, which is the primary source of tension and escalation for a thriller set in a confined place. Shim slips into a predictable alternation between a fatally dull hero, Dong-sik, and his forbidden Chinese love interest, Hong-mae, and the various crewmen who turn, disappointingly, into a coterie of anonymous baddies.
March 20, 2015
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As far as tales of economic and social stratification go, both Ow and K are more successful than the Bong Joon-ho produced Haemoo, a high seas Korean immigration thriller directed by Shim Sung-bo that forgoes nuanced political consideration in favor of brute force action-adventure.
March 18, 2015
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The pace is so snappy that I expected lots of cutting, but I counted only about eight hundred shots in 106 minutes. (The Equalizer, only twenty minutes longer, has three times that number.) I attribute this cutting rate to neatly functional direction, with no fuss or waste. The ship’s engine room is a cramped set, hazy with steam and dust, and the shots there are finely calibrated to build the drama through depth, fluid camera movement, and our old friend The Cross.
October 06, 2014
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