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  1. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    (3.5 stars) It's like a really sad LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. How awful people fill our world and control others around them and - in a dysfunctional manner - those others cling to these awful people with a longing desperation that utterly baffles me. The content of this film is sad (in its true reflection of life) and disheartening. BUT the filmmaker does a great job of unfolding the story in a beautifully shot film.

  2. Saikat Banerjee's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    All Between Good & Bad, And Which Will You Choose...

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    I wish that I got more emotionally invested in it but somehow it all left me a little cold by it - like the landscape itself. Interesting blend of Asian, Arabic and Russian culture and characters feel authentic and unique but I never found the heart in it but as docu-fiction it could work perfectly.

  4. Massimo's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Is this our home? Home is where you're beloved.

  5. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Un buen ejemplo de otro cine, uno con dos visiones de mundo: uno tradicional lleno de ritos, creencias y relaciones sociales basadas en el parentesco y otro, el contemporáneo atravesado por los celulares, el dinero, la visión del sálvese quien pueda. Un muy bello filme lleno de humanidad, con personajes casi antihéroes con los que la empatía es difícil pero se alcanza.

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Excellent debut feature from director Elizaveta Stishova telling the tale of a grifter with two complicit wives having to adjust to fatherhood when a child he believed lost comes back into his life. The landscapes captured in the Kyrgyz region are often breathtaking while this humanistic story is quite relatable and universal. Well worth seeking out.

  7. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    great film-making, story not so awesome

  8. Alex's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    I loved this movie. I knew NOTHING about Kyrgyzstan, not even that it existed, I'm ashamed to say. After watching this movie, I have a picture of the place and people that is full of contrasts: harsh, bleak, hospitable, joyous, unrelenting, passionate, beautiful, tricky, charismatic, lost, aching, resourceful, opportunistic and very, very, very real.

  9. olikim's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    a Kyrgiz feminist version of Mad Masters

  10. Yang's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Through confident long takes, framing and staging, Stishova creates a rich story of love and care, distance and intimacy, with a multitude of conflicts and contrasts - of different lifestyles, of young and old wives, of traditional customs and present practices, of responsibility and independence. Moments of tension are quickly displaced by joy which is as quickly overtaken by conflict. A film with much to offer.

  11. tubbssw's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    A very good performance from Perizat Ermanbetova anchors this drama. She is a shaman, mother of an "adopted" child and the first of two wives of a bad-tempered self-indulgent arsehole. I wouldn't imagine there would be too many films filmed in Kyrgyzstan so that in itself is an attraction.

  12. Lucas's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    You cannot run away forever from the tragedies of life, which always loom behind. Besides, your East German truck will probably fail you sometime. Elizaveta Stishova accomplishes a moving and very well framed tale of a family collapsing.

  13. Juan Javier's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

  14. Axel González's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Resulta maravillosa la forma en la que es contada la historia, desde lo mágico hasta lo más humano.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Difficult situation to be in where your mom and dad are not good role models. The scene with Karabas' parents was very telling. His charm didn't work on them. The kid had a moral sense, but in the end there's always a bit of compromise.

  16. lesminho's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

  17. Emile Coetzee's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    This is such a great movie. It has plot twist that always keeps you guessing.

  18. between7skies's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

  19. Ndrew Allmark's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    A sad tale of deception and dependency. Well worth a watch.

  20. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    On living a life without morals and values- but becoming a parent makes people develop a conscience. I like films which introduce me to new cultures. It was weird to see the dichotomy between technology (mobile phones) and tradition (shamanism, villages, polygyny). 3.5

  21. juanwynnxiii's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Out of curiosity, I decided to watch this film for the first time without subtitles to see what I could learn from the interactions and body language. And it was great! Excellent framing to convey emotions and contrast. On my second view, very interesting choice that prayers and songs didn't have subtitles; great overall and I'm glad to have been introduced to this director, debut, cast, and culture in the film!

  22. Loz Loory's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    This papa sure is a rolling stone. Karabas is a mercurial, intense anti-hero who fascinates us, though we know personalities like his are dangerous to trust. The plot never lets the audience get ahead of it; we are always off-balance about what will happen next, and the pacing is perfect. Fantastic performances and camerawork. Great tragic story of women & son at the mercy of a protector who is also their tormentor.

  23. Antares Rising's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Especially intriguing for the window into Kyrgyz culture, but a well-done film regardless.

  24. Juan's rating of the film Góra Sulejmana

    Hay un gran trabajo de caracterización y dirección. Una dura historia que se desarrolla en el género del "drama" e introduce al espectador a los poco conocidos y extraños ambientes kirguisos. Gran debut de esta directora.

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