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The Long Day Closes

Reżyseria Terence Davies
Wielka Brytania, 1992
Dramat, Film biograficzny


The Long Day Closes is the story of a sad and lonely boy, Bud. With cinema as his main source of solace, he haunts the local movie-house. From a gray background, the film fuses clips and audio from classic movies into Bud’s dreary childhood and brings it to life.

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The Long Day Closes Reżyseria Terence Davies
A movie of endless raptures, The Long Day Closes transforms Debbie Reynolds’s 1957 spun-sugar hit “Tammy” into a profound hymn, using the song to score a scene of slow overhead tracking shots of bodies assembled at the movies, in church, at school.
May 03, 2016
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There may not be such a thing as a perfect movie, but the The Long Day Closes is the closest anyone’s ever come. Placing us in a shadowplay carousel propelled by love of cinema, Davies’s vignettes of his childhood fade in and out a sense at a time.
March 02, 2016
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The Long Day Closes is a rapturous experience, capturing the ebb and flow of sense memory in rich, tactile images, all underscored with the knowledge of their passing. These moments are gone and they will last forever… The film becomes a series of fragmentary impressions from Davies’ childhood, music and sense memories connected by camera movement.
February 04, 2014
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