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The Nothing Factory

A Fábrica de Nada

Reżyseria Pedro Pinho
Portugalia, 2017
Film fantasy, Dramat


When management begins to sell off equipment at a factory that makes elevator parts, the workers become nervous about their job security. As they weigh their options, including a strike and a tongue-in-cheek suggestion at an armed response, the workers are forced to continue showing up at work.

The Nothing Factory Reżyseria Pedro Pinho
Late in The Nothing Factory, one character asks “what now?”. In its own cerebral, didactic, unwieldy way, the film offers discourse and dialectics, but no clear pathway out of the slump. It is a film that is easier to admire for the scope of its ambition than it is to necessarily enjoy. Perhaps the best that can be said is that it is a conversation starter in troubled times, for audiences prepared to go the distance with it.
October 27, 2017
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There is something more to recommend of The Nothing Factory, set during the lassitude of a labor dispute at an elevator factory outside of Lisbon. It at least tosses off a lot of ideas, most of these regarding labor in a post-work society, during its three-plus hour runtime—though these ideas seem to decorate the film’s surface rather than act as a part of its superstructure.
September 21, 2017
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Like Miguel Gomes’s 6-hour Arabian Nights (but with far more consistent success), there seems to be the assumption that one way to fight the brutality of austerity is through “impractical” excess, whether of duration or otherwise. I could say that the film is a little overlong… but that itself internalizes the logic of capitalism in dismissing anything that isn’t necessary, so let’s instead say there’s plenty of surplus value here.
September 14, 2017
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