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Oceny i Recenzje

  1. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film The Orchid Gardener

    Not the strongest von Trier film but maybe the one with the most potential. Content-wise, it's nothing special but it's told in a cool way. I wish he would have explored this style of storytelling more in his other films. You can watch it here:

  2. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Orchid Gardener

    Made by a talented student already familiar with the key works of Bergman, Fassbinder, Tarkovsky, etc - but too one-dimensional to compete with such vaunted influences - the film plays best as a cracked allegory on the themes of obsession, identity, guilt & decay. The inclusion of cross-dressing, animal cruelty, auto-erotic asphyxiation & Nazi chic show the young Trier's propensity for provocation to be fully formed.

  3. Arthur Sitompul's rating of the film The Orchid Gardener

    could anyone please where i can find to watch or download this movie ??