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Od czwartku do niedzieli

De jueves a domingo

Czile, Holandia, 2012


As she and her family embark on a four-day holiday to the north of Chile, teenager Mazda slowly comes to the realization that her parents might be splitting up. Their journey that starts so cheerfully quickly acquires melancholy undertones. This will be their last trip as a family.

Ten film nie jest aktualnie dostępny na MUBI- w przeciwieństwie do 30-tu innych, wspaniałych filmów, które są teraz dostępne. Znajdziesz je w obecnie wyświetlane.
Od czwartku do niedzieli Reżyseria Dominga Sotomayor Castillo

Nagrody i Festiwale

International Film Festival Rotterdam

2012 | Zwycięzca: Tiger Award

Village Voice Film Poll

2012 | 3-cie miejsce: Best Undistributed Film

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2012 | Nominowany: Best Undistributed Film

De jueves a domingo is an exemplary group study constantly separating and interlocking its different members, perpetually shifting between the dynamics of the entire ensemble, some of its parts, and an individual perspective (often belonging to Lucía).
July 31, 2015
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Those alert to arthouse cliché may identify it in the drifty pace, the child’s-eye viewpoint and the theme of bourgeois concealment of secrets and lies. But Sotomayor’s confident direction of her extremely accomplished young cast… and her skilled management both of screen time and of the flow of plot information draw added value from what might have seemed like an overextended short-film subject.
April 05, 2013
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Sotomayor handles the drama with careful restraint; her style is beautifully indirect and understated.
June 19, 2012
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